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To meet the highest standard for our petrochemical products, all of our production facilities have their own quality control units and quality management systems, and are certified with the relevant ISO standards. In addition, each quality management system undergoes internal and external audits annually to ensure continuous compliance and effectiveness.

Quality control processes for our products and facilities are conducted at each of the plants through "in process" testing of products and various stages in the production process so that any deviation can be detected and remedied promptly.



We operate and maintain our production facilities to ensure sustainable plant performance. Our facilities undergo regular and periodic inspections to ensure compliance to the requirements of Department of Environment as well as
Department of Occupational Safety and Health. The production performance of our facilities are further monitored by tracking a number of performance indicators commonly used in the petrochemicals industry, covering HSE indicators as well as efficiency indicators such as plant utilisation rate and plant reliability rate.

In line with the implementation of Globally Harmonised System on Chemical Classification and Labelling (GHS), a new regulation on chemical management has been gazette in Malaysia on 11 October 2013. Occupational Safety and Health (Chemicals Classification, Labelling and Safety Data Sheet) Regulations 2013 or better known as CLASS 2013 supersedes the earlier Classification, Packaging and Labelling (CPL) Act in 1997.