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Creating a Great Workplace


PCG is quick to adapt to the continuously changing needs of the chemical industry, using our talents to provide and create innovative products and solutions for our distinguished customers.

PCG focusses on ensuring the right talent in the right place, in efforts to deliver exceptional performance. Diversity amongst staff is key in promoting a dynamic and innovative work culture that strives towards excellence.



PCG provides equal opportunity employment for all qualified candidates who meet the minimum entry requirements.

Talent is recruited based on merit and no preferential treatment is given to any candidate.

PCG is committed to support local requirements and is guided by existing company policies, procedures and guidelines when filling vacancies



Whilst developing its policies and procedures on Industrial Relations and Code of Conduct Business Ethics, the company has ensured compliance to the local labour laws, such as 

1) Malaysian Employment Act 1955

2) Malaysian Children and Young Persons (Employment) Act 1966

3) Malaysian Minimum Wage Order 2016

This ensures PCG employees are adequately protected and well treated, while preventing the employment of child or forced labour. In addition, the exisitng Collective Agreement between PCG and its unions provides superior provision as compared to the local laws, including law on minimum wage.



PCG is fully committed in providing opportunity for staff development through standardized capability development  framework for all categories of staff. This includes

  • Skill Group training,
  • Accelerated Capability Development Program, 
  • PETRONAS Competencies Assessment framework for Non Executive Technical

The framework is to ensure that staff achieves the expected level of competencies required by the job.

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