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Strive for Zero


PCG's operations come with inherent risks, which is why we place high importance on health, safety and environment (HSE) matters.

We strive towards good health and safety culture whereby we maintain a comprehensive approach to risk assessment and management, involving prescriptive safety and pollution prevention standards that are proactive-risk based, as well as critical barriers and integrity management.

Hence, we have taken proactive steps to create and sustain a good health and safety culture by, first and foremost, shaping the mindset of all staff in such a way that everyone would have a no-compromise stand on the issue of health and safety. Our "Strive For ZerO" incidents campaign epitomises this effort, in that it is a campaign to inculcate a positive mindset that all incidents or accidents are avoidable.

As part of the "Strive For ZerO" campaign, mandatory plant daily "Safety Walkabout" has been initiated for all our plants, premised on the understanding that major incidents could be avoided by tackling minor or prolonged outstanding issues in a plant's operations. We also implement "safety pause" sessions whereby the leaders are required to communicate directly with every staff on specific safety matters within a prescribed time. Similarly, we concern ourselves with the health and safety of our contractors by conducting training and performing audits to ensure their compliance with HSE requirements.

We continue to employ PETRONAS' ZeTo Rules, which represent PETRONAS Group's first set of mandatory safety rules that have been drawn up to create a more focused and firm approach to addressing the recurring causes of major accidents and fatalities, such as road accidents, falls from height and hits by objects.

The success of our company depends very much on the capabilities, dedication and commitment of our people. Our people are our greatest and most valuable asset.

To further demonstrate our commitment to safety at the workplace, we sponsored the 1st Hazards Asia Pacific Symposium organised by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) and Chemical Industries Council of Malaysia (CICM) which aims towards increasing process safety standards in the Asia Pacific region. Leading oil and gas companies participated in the symposium, where established speakers from the industry shared their process safety expertise and provided insights into how their respective organisations strive towards maintaining a positive process safety culture.

As a result of our focused efforts in managing our HSE issues, no environmental related fines or penalties were imposed on PCG in 2015.